Violence Against Children

-3214441-With_terror_etched_on_his_face_the_boy_is_powerless_to_move_as_t-a-21_1440789212167Israeli solder holds Palestinian child  in a choke-hold during a protest of Israeli human rights abuses at the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, Palestine, August 2015. Source: Reuters.

Israeli soldier beats Palestinian child, West Bank, August 2015

Israeli soldier assaults a Palestinian child, smashing his head onto a rock, and placing him in chokehold, in the Nabi Saleh village of the West Bank, August 2015. Source: Nabi Saleh

38443de50c91a8cb5db9bafac2cfb91bSource: Visualising Palestine

Videos: savage beating by Israeli police in neighborhood where murdered teen was kidnapped, July 2014

Two videos have emerged showing Israeli police brutally beating a Palestinian youth in the Shuafat neighborhood of eastern occupied Jerusalem.

Stone Cold Justice – Four Corners/ABC and The Australian newspaper, Feb 2014:

(if this video link does not work the video can also be viewed here)

Breaking the Silence – Israeli soldiers’ video testimonies of the occupied territories

For more videos: Go to the Children category at Breaking the Silence; Israeli soldiers’ video testimonies of the occupied territories

Visualising Palestine:

Among the continuing flurry of global media coverage on the crisis in Syria, the situation of the estimated 6 million displaced by conflict has gained only sporadic reportage. Meanwhile, the second large-scale displacement of the longstanding Palestinian refugee population in Syria has been little mentioned. The infographic ‘Back to School’–produced by VP in partnership with UNRWA and the EU–highlights the challenges faced by Palestinian refugee children from Syria, from displacement and school closures to the simple uncertainty over whether they will have access to education.





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