Media pieces by members of Australians for BDS


Interview of Paul Duffill: More Australian support for boycott, divestment, sanctions on Israel
November 2 2015, Green Left Weekly

Interview of Paul Duffill: Breakfast Beat, 16 Oct BDS movement’s series – Australia’ (commences at 1:30)
October 16 2015, The Voice of the Cape 91.3 FM (South Africa)

Interview of Paul Duffill: Promoting a balanced Australian foreign policy in the Middle East
13 October, 2015, The Voice of the Cape 91.3 FM (South Africa)

Why I support BDS: My response to Alex Ryvchin’s Speccie article ‘Radio Gaga’
26 September 2015, The Spectator, by Cathy Peters

– Will Violence Against Bedouins Shift Opinion On Israel?
16 September 2015, New Matilda, by Stuart Rees

Unprocessed trauma driving the Israel/Palestine Conflict
10 August 2015, On Line Opinion, by Annabel McGoldrick

Israeli writes to South Sudan’s President about use of Israeli deadly weapons
10th August, 2015, by Antony Loewenstein

Interview of Antony Loewenstein: Why Palestine is a growing movement on universities globally
9 August 2015, Australian National University Arabic & Middle Eastern Society

Recognising Palestine Could Revive Peace Prospects
23 July 2015, ABC, by Paul Duffill

Interview of Paul Duffill: political witchhunts Palestine Refugees Unexploded ordinances (commences at 39:11)
5 May 2015, 3CR Community Radio

Interview of Paul Duffill: Activism, Friends of the Earth, Syd Uni forum on BDS Activist’ (commences at 1:03:21)
21 April 2015, 3CR Community Radio

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS): an important part of the dialogue process
31 March 2015, On Line Opinion, by Annabel McGoldrick

Unbalanced and distorted media coverage doesn’t help sensitive matters of free speech and international conflict
March 15, 2015, On Line Opinion, by Paul Duffill

An Israeli soldier walks for Palestinians
2 October 2014, Sydney Morning Herald and other Fairfax news outlets, by Stuart Rees

Moderate or zealot on Israel: No real difference
19 August 2014, Al Jazeera, by Stuart Rees

Interview of Marcelo Svirsky: Racism becomes the norm in Israel: Political scientist
23 July 2014, Radio National

Growing Jewish support for boycott and the changing landscape of the BDS debate
17 June  2014, Mondoweiss, by Paul Duffill and Gabriella Skoff

What’s Really At Stake In The Sydney Uni BDS Affair?
3 June 2014, New Matilda, by Jake Lynch

It’s time to call a spade a spade: Israel and apartheid. Also See an updated version posted on Students for Justice in Palestine
21 May 2014, On Line Opinion, by Paul Duffill

– CPACS and the Academic Boycott of Israel, CPACS Annual Report 2013, pp.18-23,
28 February 2014, CPACS, by Jake Lynch

How Israeli abuses splinters Jewish identity
29 December, 2013 by Antony Loewenstein

– Update on Shurat HaDin lawfare attack on Professor Jake Lynch
2 December 2013, BRICUP, by Australians for BDS

– Taking Me To Court Won’t Stop BDS
26 November 2013, New Matilda, by Jake Lynch

– Truth, justice, peace: The moral and legal foundations of the BDS movement
20 November 2013, ABC Religion and Ethics, by Stuart Rees

– Boycott Movement under Attack in Australia
18 November 2013, Transcend Media Service, by Jake Lynch

– To support the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement is not antisemitic
7 November 2013, The Guardian, by Antony Loewenstein

– Is It Anti-Semitic To Protest Injustice?
6 November 2013, New Matilda, by Peter Slezak

– Who’s afraid of BDS? Israel’s assault on academic freedom
31 October 2013, ABC Religion and Ethics, by Randa Abdel-Fattah

Interview of Stuart Rees: Israeli organisation sues Sydney academic over boycott support
30 October 2013, ABC

– Two Thousand Defendants For Human Rights
28 October 2013, New Matilda, by Stuart Rees

– Israel and the erosion of democracy: an Australian story
17 October 2013, Al Jazeera, by Samah Sabawi

Defending The Right To Dissent
12 August 2013, New Matilda, by Stuart Rees

– Coalition plans to punish those who boycott Israel
25 June 2013, ABC The Drum, by Jake Lynch

Establishing the facts about the boycott of Israeli academic institutions
15 January 2013, The Conversation, by Paul Duffill

What ‘Impartial’ Means at the Oz
13 December 2012, New Matilda, by Jake Lynch

Why I Boycott Israel
13 December 2012, New Matilda, by Jake Lynch

Australia Out In The Cold On Israel
4 November 2011, New Matilda, by Jake Lynch

Unequal partners can’t negotiate
5 October 2011, New Matilda by Paul Duffill

What Did The Gaza Flotilla Achieve?
21 July 2011, New Matilda, by Jake Lynch

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