Walk to Recognise Palestine



UPDATE: Walk to Recognise Palestine Successfully Completed! John met by Melissa Park MP., Senator Lee Rhiannon, Adam Bandt MP., Maria Vamvakinou MP., Craig Laundy MP, and supporters upon his arrival at Parliament House.

Join John Salisbury and fellow human rights supporters on the steps of the Opera House for the launch of the Walk to Recognise Palestine

When: John will arrive at the Opera House at 9am on Sunday 4th October to meet supporters and the media. The walk will begin at 10am.

Where: The Sydney Opera house

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1502063896781959/

From the 4th to the 13th of October, 2015, John Salisbury will walk from Sydney to Canberra in support of Palestinian human rights. The walk will follow the path of a similar endeavour in 2014 led by Israeli academic Dr Marcelo Svirsky, in which Mr Salisbury participated (click here for more information).

Mr Salisbury will carry with him a petition asking the Australian Government to formally recognise the State of Palestine. Over 130 countries have formally recognised Palestine. Recently Pope Francis did included The Vatican are in their number. Why not Australia ? 

John looks forward to supporters joining him for sections of the walk. For more information and to join John, check out the Facebook event or join the Facebook group.

Upon his arrival at Parliament House, Canberra, John met with Melissa Park MP.,

Senator Lee Rhiannon, Adam Bandt MP., Maria Vamvakinou MP., Craig Laundy MP, and supporters


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Day 10: Bungendore to Parliament House. The final stretch! John was joined by Tareq Halawa and Marcelo Svirsky from 6am.

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Day 9: Tarago to Bungendore. The penultimate day!

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Day 8: Goulburn to Tarago

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Day 7: Marulan to Goulburn. The manager signed John’s petition.


Day 6: Moss Vale to Marulan. John was joined by Peter and Rob Wesley-Smith and Fish the golden labrador on the walk from Penrose to Wingello.


He also broke the law by ignoring the ‘reduce speed’ sign!


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Day 5: Macquarie Pass to Moss Vale

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12107136_10205240877277434_7864243460110180871_n Equine signatures are not accepted in Canberra unfortunately, but this magnificent thoroughbred assured John of his total support.

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Day 4: Wollongong to Macquarie Pass. The cow wouldn’t sign John’s petition…


Day 3: Otford to Wollongong


Day 2: Sutherland Station to Otford. Met these great people who walked with John for 3km, then put him up for the night.


Day 1: The walk begins! Leaving from Sydney Opera House and walking to Sutherland Station

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Suffered heat stroke, but a lovely couple saved John with an umbrella, water and mandarins.


The local paper does a story about the walk:

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Leaving Melbourne Airport, en route for the walk:


Breakfast before it begins:


Pre-walk: Collecting signatures.

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The schedule of John’s walk:

  • October 4th Opera House to Sutherland Station
  • October 5th. Sutherland Station to Otford
  • October 6th. Otford to Wollongong
  • October 7th. Wollongong to Macquarie Pass
  • October 8th. Macquarie Pass to Moss Vale
  • October 9th. Moss Vale to Marulan
  • October 10th. Marulan to Goulburn
  • October 11th. Goulburn to Tarago
  • October 12th. Tarago to Bungendore
  • October 13th. Bungendore to Parliament House
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